Morocco is a country of great artistic and history richness. In addition to the traditional arts found in the souk, there are some Moroccan artists turned to the future, to new views of a story full of good examples and traditions.

Larbi Cherkaoui is one of those artists. After a path of study and work based on Arabic calligraphy, Larbi turned to the movement, the “dance” of writing. These are movements that are recorded in their canvas … dances with paint and drawing instruments of great beauty and strength.

Despite these new interpretations, which already go beyond the writing, Larbi does not give up the tradition. He uses sheep’s leather, but as these do not provide the necessary dimension to his work, he sum them in a rectangle, a square or other shape that he needs, so he can get to work with greater impact.
On a more personal note, when I was in Marrakech, I looked for works of Lerbi in art galleries but, unfortunately did not have any opportunity to acquire … But i ain’t given up… One day I’ll hope to collaborate with him in some furniture line. We’ll see.