Alexandre Farto ( is an amazing artist.

I was comimg from vacations leastening to the radio, when I hear a great compliment to a group that I didn’t know.
And music is fundamental to me; all my projects are forever associated with a soundtrack.

Returning to the group that didn’t know … as soon as I got home, I conected to youtube to look them, and I came across a video that impressed me …
It was Alexandre Farto… apart from the quality music from the group “Orelha Negra” (www. ), I was impressed to the fabulous images of explosions, digging drawings on the walls with an unusual intensity.

I dreamed … I dreamed that I could invite Alexander to come to my house blow up some walls, but … He was already well known … and very expensive, I suppose.
So, there is my empty wall, waiting for Alexander and the day that can convince (and pay) to come to my house, explode something …