João Faria was born in 1967 in the city of Coimbra, but lives and works in the northern Portugal, near Porto.

Early demonstrated taste and appetite for the arts, having designed several logos and posters for events, custom helmets and motorcycles, etc., in response to requests from friends and acquaintances.

In 1992, finished his secondary education in Coimbra, entered the Faculty of Architecture at the University Lusíada.

In the third year of his degree, he enrolled in the Erasmus program and went at Milan Polytechnic, where he attended the classes of the 6th year with teachers as Remo Dorigati, Marinela Sclavi and Aldo Castellano, who influenced him for the rest of life.

Back in Portugal, he graduated in architecture in 1997 and began his professional activity as an architect as a co-founder of the firm Architects, Ideas and Video, as he teaches simultaneously for a few years.

Later, in early 2012, decided to devote to the creation of objects, at a time when the construction industry in Portugal was making her journey through the desert...

The taste for detail and design facilitated this natural transition from building design to the design of the object.

Some of these objects had its genesis in much the author's personal needs, as was the case the night table "Wake up!" which in addition to the light motion sensor and built-in speakers, also allows the phone charging integrated and harmonious way.

More than an architect or a designer, João Faria is a creator of concepts, products, furniture, spaces, buildings and interiors. A facilitator between the best of both worlds, sometimes so different, as is modern technology and ancient tradition.

An author with the ability to think the overall and the detail, mixing knowledge of different areas of thought, with the same intensity and easily. A creator who has the ability to imagine, design and implement their works as few dominating equally in the design studio and the materials and techniques in the workshop. Skills acquired over many hours watching and helping his grandfather, very influential person in the learning of craftsmanship and human values.

But always with an eye on the latest technology and how this can be put at the service of intuitively; example is the speaker "Old Friend" and "We love our music", publicly presented at the competition Serralves POPs in 2013, which were finalists in the category "Decoration Objects".

In 2014 his work was again recognized in Serralves in the POPs competition, having collected the first prize in the category "Decoration Objects" with the butter dish "Iris", which would later be awarded for the second time with a Golden Award at the “A ´Design Award & Competition 2015”


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Iris will initiate an elegant meal.

It’s a piece that presents butter in a surprising and sophisticated way. Inspired on a butter dish that existed on a long gone restaurant with the same name and had a traditional and unforgettable atmosphere…

Start your meal differently…



Arabesque is a line of furniture for dining room, consisting of a table with two formats, rectangular and square and a suspended sideboard.

Inspired by Arab standards, combines the graphic tradition with the sophistication of form and function, in a final result surprising and innovative.



ExCentric is a line of furniture for different people.

In addition to the normal functions of these kind of furniture, ExCentric brings something else; exclusivity, a way to remind ourselves to always think outside the box, to put ourselves into unconventional ways of thinking.

Structure and form do not match, they intersect, provoking the senses and conventional observation.



My wife and I don’t disagree on most things. But one of them is our cocktail table. She wants to put decorative items like magazines and vases. I want to put my feet… So, we have agreed that if I would design a cocktail table beautiful enough, both had to relinquish our objectives. Hence Roots; a design so strong that nothing else should disturb it.

The inspiration came from a lamp that I’ve designed earlier and failed, so I’ve recycled and enhanced the concept to a table.

Gift Wrap


Old friends


A new way to listen to your favorite music in an old familiar package, combined with cutting edge technology.

An elegant Bluetooth speaker, compatible with smart phones and tablets.

Soft lines, exquisite finishing and warm sound. You will never want to part from your new/old friend again.


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